Dentsply Maillefer in endodontics

Based in Ballaigues, Switzerland, Dentsply Maillefer was founded in 1889 by Auguste Maillefer, a watchmaker who became a dentist at the age of 48 years old. It is considered the world leader in the design, manufacture and commercialization of dental instruments for the treatment of root canals.  Since 1995, Dentsply Maillefer has been a part […]

The RECIPROC system

Product information Frequency of Use A RECIPROC instrument is designed for single use in maximum one molar. As with all nickel-titanium instruments, it should be examined during the treatment and discarded if signs of wear, such as untwisting, can be seen. If an instrument appears to be bent after being used in a strongly curved […]

RECIPROC® blue file generation c

Simple, but effective: The new RECIPROC® blue file generation combines the ease of the original RECIPROC one file endo concept with enhanced safety in root canal preparation and retreatment for patients. An innovative heat treatment makes RECIPROC blue particularly flexible to ensure a smoother and safer progression in the canal. RECIPROC blue files are produced […]

WaveOne Gold Reciprocating

O correspond with the WaveOne Gold Reciprocating File, the WaveOne family of products is going Gold as well. The four file sizes of WaveOne Gold are complemented by a single glide path file for simplicity from the start, as well as corresponding gutta-percha points, absorbent points and obturators. And, since it uses the same celebrated […]