RECIPROC® instruments use the latest technologies in endodontics. They have been specially designed to work in the oscillating movement mode (mutually opposite rotation of the file to the left and right). Due to these movements, the risk of jamming or breaking the file in the canal is minimized. The RECIPROC® system offers three instrument sizes … Read more

Nickel Titanium vs M-Wire vs Gold Wire: which guarantees the best root canal shaping?

Simona Chirico In these years, different kind of rotary instruments were created for root canal shaping. The aim of using these instruments was to create a correct tapered shaped canal in order to respect the original canal anatomy and avoid canal transportation, ledge formation and perforations. Rotary instruments can be of different wire: Nichel Titanium, … Read more

Simple, but effective: The new RECIPROC® blue file generation

Simple, but effective: The new RECIPROC® blue file generation combines the ease of the original RECIPROC® one file endo concept with enhanced safety in root canal preparation and retreatment for patients. An innovative heat treatment makes RECIPROC® blue particularly flexible to ensure a smoother and safer progression in the canal and gives it in addition … Read more

WaveOne Gold

Patient safety Increases patient safety, while reducing shaping time across a wide range of cases Optimized file tip The file tip is optimized with enhanced design features from leading endodontists Matching obturation Includes obturation products designed to match the shape and fit of WaveOne Gold One complete solution Provides a comprehensive treatment solution to promote … Read more

The Reciproc family (RECIPROC and RECIPROC blue) is the biggest achievement in VDW

Constantly striving for innovation, VDW developed a heat treatment solution to bring more flexibility to NiTi. Five years after launching RECIPROC®, VDW presented RECIPROC® blue in 2016 – an universal and flexible instrument for the majority of cases. RECIPROC blue instruments are produced with Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) that goes through an innovative heat treatment, modifying its … Read more