Our files system is compatible devices with Reciproc and system m-wire

Our files system is compatible devices with Reciproc and system m-wire. Belongs to the modern NiTi machine systems that in most cases allow the safe preparation of the entire root canal with only one file.

This system was created on the basis of many years of clinical research, with the use of technologically advanced materials.The revolutionary method of working with the oscillating movement allows for effective treatment.Dental files are the use of the latest technologies in endodontics.They have been specially designed to work in the oscillating  motion mode (mutually opposite rotation of the file to the left and right).

Due to these movements, the risk of jamming or breaking the file in the canal is minimized.

The Files system offers three instrument sizes –

We have red 25mm – suitable for most channels  –  produces an ISO 25 size channel with a taper of 08 over the first few millimeters.

The instruments are available in sterile packages (blisters) packed in 6 pieces.

Dental Nitifiles instruments are manufactured using an innovative heat treatment from a special NiTi material.This material provides greater fatigue resistance and greater flexibility compared to traditional NiTi instruments.The advantage of the new shape of the working part of the file is the high ability to remove the collected dentin from the canal. These instruments are also characterized by better,more axial guidance in the canal – so there is no need to pre-treat the canal with other files.

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