Constantly striving for innovation, VDW developed a heat treatment solution to bring more flexibility to NiTi. Five years after launching RECIPROC®, VDW presented RECIPROC® blue in 2016 – an universal and flexible instrument for the majority of cases.

RECIPROC blue instruments are produced with Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) that goes through an innovative heat treatment, modifying its molecular structure to give it increased resistance to cyclic fatigue and additional flexibility as well as its characteristic blue color.

The Reciproc family (RECIPROC and RECIPROC blue) is the biggest achievement in VDW history with over 22 million files sold until today, making VDW one of the market leaders for reciprocating instruments worldwide. Since launching, more than 400 studies and scientific publications from all over the world have supported the benefits of the Reciproc family.

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