RECIPROC® instruments use the latest technologies in endodontics. They have been specially designed to work in the oscillating movement mode (mutually opposite rotation of the file to the left and right). Due to these movements, the risk of jamming or breaking the file in the canal is minimized.

The RECIPROC® system offers three instrument sizes – the size selection depends on the size of the channel being developed:
R25 (red) – suitable for most channels – produces an ISO 25 size channel with a .08 taper in the first few millimeters.
R40 (black) – for medium-wide channels, prepares a channel of ISO 40 size with a taper of .06 over the first few millimeters.
R50 (yellow) – for very wide channels, prepares a channel of ISO 50 size with a taper of .05 over the first few millimeters.

All files are available in the following lengths: 21, 25 or 31 mm.
The instruments are available in sterile packages (blisters) packed in 4 or 6 pieces.

R25 files or the assortment 2x R25, 1x R40, 1x R50 for a given length are available in packages of 4 pieces.
Packages of 6 include files of one size R25, R40, R50 for a given length. The assortment is also available: 3x R40 + 3x R50.

Technology [mwire]

RECIPROC® instruments are manufactured using an innovative heat treatment from a special NiTi material – M-Wire®. This material provides greater fatigue resistance and greater flexibility compared to traditional NiTi instruments.

The advantage of the new shape of the working part of the file is the high ability to remove the collected dentin from the canal. These instruments are also characterized by better, more axial guidance in the canal – so there is no need to pre-treat the canal with other files.

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