Simple, but effective: The new RECIPROC® blue file generation

Simple, but effective: The new RECIPROC® blue file generation combines the ease of the original RECIPROC® one file endo concept with enhanced safety in root canal preparation and retreatment for patients. An innovative heat treatment makes RECIPROC® blue particularly flexible to ensure a smoother and safer progression in the canal and gives it in addition its characteristic blue color.

Convincing efficiency

  • Efficiently cutting s-shaped cross-section
  • Provided in sterile blisters for single use, the RECIPROC® blue instruments offer a constant cutting efficiency1 and reduced risks of cross contamination2
  • Enabling effective irrigation, even in severely curved canals3
  • Easy selection of the file to suit the case
  • Less files in your clinical sequence
  • Reduced preparation time
  • Short 11 mm nickel plated shaft enabling better access to molars The RECIPROC® one file endo concept RECIPROC® blue is designed to be used as a single instrument. With RECIPROC® blue, a root canal can be completely prepared with only one reciprocating instrument. RECIPROC® blue is also suitable for retreatment on gutta-percha filling material and carrier-based obturators.

The elaborate file design RECIPROC® blue instruments have been specifically designed for use in reciprocation. The perfect combination between our specific s-shaped cross-section, the taper, the cutting angles and the thermally improved raw material provides high efficiency and cutting performance. Furthermore the file’s tip is non-cutting. Increased flexibility and safety The improved NiTi treatment RECIPROC® blue files are produced with Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) that goes through an innovative heat treatment, modifying its molecular structure to give it increased resistance to cyclic fatigue and additional flexibility as well as its characteristic blue color. In addition, there is the option of precurving the instrument, to obtain an easier access to the canals, when needed. compared to current RECIPROC® instruments.  Average value for RECIPROC® blue instruments compared to RECIPROC® instruments. Based on internal report nº16-HO-003. Data on file. Increased flexibility. Greater resistance to cyclic fatigue Courtesy of Dr. Jörg Tchorz

  • Smooth progression of the instrument thanks to the heat treated NiTi alloy
  • Better centering between the canal walls thanks to its increased flexibility
  • Improved protection against instrument fracture due to greater resistance to cyclic fatigue
  • Instrument follows the natural canal curvature better

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