The Reciproc family (RECIPROC and RECIPROC blue) is the biggest achievement in VDW

Constantly striving for innovation, VDW developed a heat treatment solution to bring more flexibility to NiTi. Five years after launching RECIPROC®, VDW presented RECIPROC® blue in 2016 – an universal and flexible instrument for the majority of cases.

RECIPROC blue instruments are produced with Nickel-Titanium (NiTi) that goes through an innovative heat treatment, modifying its molecular structure to give it increased resistance to cyclic fatigue and additional flexibility as well as its characteristic blue color.
The Reciproc family (RECIPROC and RECIPROC blue) is the biggest achievement in VDW history with over 22 million files sold until today, making VDW one of the market leaders for reciprocating instruments worldwide. Since launching, more than 400 studies and scientific publications from all over the world have supported the benefits of the Reciproc family.

Product information

RECIPROC blue instruments are designed for one file shaping. Thus, a root canal can be completely prepared with only one reciprocating instrument – without creating a glide path in the majority of cases.
Root canal preparation with RECIPROC blue is easy to learn and easy to teach – with less likelihood of procedural errors* compared to rotary NiTi systems. The selection of the file is easy. Choose the member of the Reciproc family that suits your case best.

The s-shaped cross-section progresses smoothly and cuts efficiently thanks to its special design. The instrument moves without pushing, so that stress on dentin is minimized.
The root canal preparation time is reduced. Less time for shaping means more time for disinfection and more patients treated. Files are made to be used for a single treatment only for constant cutting efficiency.

The original reciprocating motion with its specific angles of rotation as well as its controlled acceleration and deceleration lead to higher resistance to cyclic fatigue and a reduced risk of instrument fracture. Provided in sterile blisters for single use, RECIPROC blue instruments offer a reduced risk of cross contamination. An overuse of files is prevented thanks to the single use instrument approach.

The instrument progresses smoothly into the canal thanks to the heat treated NiTi alloy.
It is possible to prebend the instrument for an easier access to the canal.
The instrument follows the natural canal anatomy smoothly thanks to its blue heat treatment making the file more flexible.
The flexibility obtained by the blue heat treatment improves the centering abilities of the instrument to reduce canal transportation.

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