WaveOne Gold Reciprocating Glide Path Files

Respects the natural shape of the canal

Increases patient safety with enhanced flexibility and resistance to cyclic fatigue
Sterile and ready for single-use, which preserves cutting efficiency, reduces breakage and prevents cross-contamination

Waveone Gold Reciprocating Shaping Files

Enhanced safety, flexibility and cutting efficiency
Streamlined shaping technique that you and your assistant will appreciate
Four sizes to accommodate more canal anatomies (Small, Primary, Medium & Large) with three working lengths (21, 25 & 31 mm)

Reciprocating Files
Safe shaping in half the time. A short sequence for most of your cases including 1 glidepath and 1 shaping file. Crafted to be more forgiving, the reciprocating motion works in harmony with the gold heat treatment.

Reinforces patient safety

Primary WaveOne Gold file is 50% more resistant to cyclic fatigue than WaveOne Primary file.
Reduced screwing effect compared to standard rotary systems.
Shortens the shaping time.
Takes the cutting efficiency to a higher level.
A single file per treatment also translates into time savings for canal shaping and irrigation.
Covers a wider range of canal morphologies.
Enhanced file flexibility thanks to the Gold technology.
Extended size range (Small, Primary, Medium, Large).

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