WaveOne Gold

Patient safety
Increases patient safety, while reducing shaping time across a wide range of cases

Optimized file tip
The file tip is optimized with enhanced design features from leading endodontists

Matching obturation
Includes obturation products designed to match the shape and fit of WaveOne Gold

One complete solution
Provides a comprehensive treatment solution to promote confidence and predictable shape

WaveOne Gold reciprocating files

  • Enhanced safety, flexibility and cutting efficiency
  • Streamlined shaping technique that you and your assistant will appreciate
  • Four sizes to accommodate more canal anatomies

5 packs Waveone Gold Wave One Gold Primary 25mm Dentsplay 30pcs

Shaping canals has never been easier Since its launch in 2011, Dentsply Sirona’s WaveOne® has set a new standard in root canal shaping. All around the world general dentists and endodontists have voiced their appreciation of the simplicity WaveOne® brings to their efforts to provide quality endodontic treatment to their patients. We have created a new and exciting generation of WaveOne® to bring you WaveOne® Gold. WaveOne® Gold brings to the endodontic procedure a metallurgically advanced single-file technique for shaping canals. Further, we optimized the tip diameters, tapers, and the cross-section to produce a file that really improves safety, efficiency and flexibility when preparing canals. WaveOne® Gold takes simplicity and treatment success to another level.

Simplicity for you, safety for patients WaveOne® Gold Reinforces patient safety

  • Primary WaveOne® Gold file is 50% more resistant to cyclic fatigue than WaveOne® Primary file
  • Reduced screwing effect** compared to standard rotary systems Shortens the shaping time
  • Takes the cutting efficiency to a higher level
  • A single file per treatment also translates into time savings for canal shaping and irrigation.

The single-file simplicity of WaveOne® is now enhanced in WaveOne® Gold. Made with advanced metallurgy, it is the next generation of performance from Dentsply Sirona.

  • Increases patient safety, while reducing shaping time across a wide range of cases
  • Optimized with enhanced design features by leading endodontists
  • Part of a complete solution that includes obturation products designed to match the shapes created by WaveOne® Gold files  The WaveOne® Gold family now includes a single glide path file with reciprocating motion for simplicity from the start

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